Tunnelsubdomain is timing out - docker install


I have n8n running as a docker container in my raspberry pi. The container is running and seems like the sqlite database is also getting updated with the execution of active workflows, but I am not able to open the workflow canvas. The tunnelsubdomain url is timing out with a 504 Gateway time out error.

Any tips to troubleshoot this?

Thank you.

If you say the tunnel subdomain what kind of domain is that exactly? Do you have your own one set up (if so how?) or do you use the n8n build in one? Can you access n8n via IP address and port? Does the pi have access to the internet?

Thank you for the response. Below is a high level on my setup.

I have setup a docker container running the latest n8n raspberry pi build.
The container is made to start n8n with --tunnel option.
The rpi has access to internet.
I have been accessing the n8n workflow canvas using the value of tunnelsubdomain in .n8n/config by using the url → https://tunnelsubdomainstring.hooks.n8n.cloud
All of a sudden since yesterday the URL has been timing out with a 504 gateway timeout error.
The url pings and resolves to an address that looks like this static.xx.xx.xx.xxx.clients.your-server.de (IP address).

I hope I made sense in the text above. I am looking for some suggestions to troubleshoot the situation. Note: the underlying active workflows are still running and doing their job. It’s only the workflow editor that times out.

Thank you.

I just tried the tunnel. For me it works still fine. Did you try to restart n8n?

Yes, I restarted n8n couple of times. Are there logs I could look at to see what’s going on?

Without the workflow canvas I am having difficulty creating and managing the workflows. I still couldn’t get the url working.

I see that database.sqlite file getting updated with the workflow executions, but very difficult to parse it visually and look for the data I’m looking for.

As an alternative, is there a cli reference guide I could use to manage and query worklfows and their executions? The cli commands in n8n docs are very basic.

Thank you.

Hey @ronykris!

Can you please share what you wanna do via the CLI? The docs cover all the available commands.

Hi @harshil1712 ,

I was looking at CLI commands for n8n | Docs. Is this the correct doc?

I need to look at workflow execution and individual node execution results. Are there commands to retrieve this info?

Hey, unfortunately, there are no commands to get this information.

However, I have found a way that might help you to take a look at the executions.

NOTE: This is NOT the official method. The API might change in the future which might break your workflows.

You can use the endpoint /rest/executions to get the list of all the executions. Once you have the Execution ID, you can get the information of the execution at the endpoint /executions/EXECUTION_ID.

OK, I will give it a try, but any idea why the tunnelsubdomain url is not working? The original topic of this thread.