Twist integration [GOT CREATED]

It would be great to have integrations with the set of tools.

Todist (task manager) already exists. Twist is their slack competitor.


Hey @commandodev!

Thank you for making this feature request. Can you please tell us what functionality you would require exactly? Just to be sure that if this node gets created it does already what you need it to do. :slightly_smiling_face:

A Todoist integration already exists:

Please create also always one feature request per node. Else it is impossible to know which node people are actually upvoting.

Considering that the Todoist nodes already exist did I change this feature request to only Twist.

Hi @harshil1712/@jan,

Great that todoist already exists! For twist I’m thinking of accessing the same functionality that you’d currently have with slack: the ability to create bots and automations in channels and topics :slight_smile:


@commandodev got created. We will let you know when is released.

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Whoa, that was fast!


Got released with [email protected]

Amazing work @jan and team!

Was mainly @RicardoE105!

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