Twitter Integration [GOT CREATED]

+1 this would be great :slight_smile:

Yes that would for sure be great to have!

Can you all please tell us what exactly you would like to do exactly. Guess it would for sure be sending a tweet but would there also be other functionality that would be important?

Hi @jan,

I think the huginn community has a pretty good take on this, they defined 6 types:


It would be useful for me to:

  • Post tweets
  • Get some search/hashtag query feeds
  • Get updates on like/retweets

I should say in addition that sending tweets is a must-have core feature. It would be more than OK to implement it possibly sooner and then proceed to other features in later releases.

The problem with the Twitter integration is authentication. For some unknown reason is it only possible to send a tweet via OAuth1 but not OAuth2:

We will have OAuth2 support soon (hope to be able to merge and release this week) but sadly not OAuth1. Meaning that even if we would create an integration right now, the most important feature (sending a Tweet) would not be possible. So we sadly have to wait till also OAuth1 is supported before we can create the integration. Sorry!

First basic version which allows to send tweets got released with [email protected]


Are there plans to do user-based triggers? AKA trigger when @person sends a tweet? This would be really useful for notification purposes

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Hey :wave:
I tried using the Twitter node to send tweets but I am getting some auth errors.
The error is

OAuth Authorization Error

Error generating authorization URL:
401 - "Desktop applications only support the oauth_callback value 'oob'"

Do we have any documentation on how to add the Twitter credentials, I want to know if I am missing any steps.

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Welcome to the community @harshil1712!

That documentation does sadly not exist yet. It is however already wip and will be added in the next few days.

Not sure about the error. But did you add the above OAuth Callback URL (http://localhost:5678/rest/oauth1-credential/callback) as Callback URL to your Twitter app?

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Hey Jan,

Yes I tried adding the Callback URL, but I get an error saying that it is an invalid URL. Twitter doesn’t accept local server addresses.

If that is the problem then simply start n8n with a tunnel:

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Can I post an image?

I have text updates working… But haven’t figured out images. Been a while since I delved into Twitter API. I think you upload the image first, then do something like link it via a response on the upload

Yes, you can upload images. You can download the image using the http node ( make sure you set the response format to file) then, on the twitter node, use the attachments property and reference the name of the binary property (by default called data)

Hope this helps, if not, simply get back to me.

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Thanks that’s helpful.

Now on to the Facebook page to try and also upload to a group. I feel this is going to hurt!!

Not sure if I understand, you are asking for a Facebook node? @polc1410

Sorry yes.

My workflow is to check a website for a sailing club every 15 minutes for any new news posts every 15minutes and then post them to twitter and Facebook

We’ve now got twitter working posting a link to the news article and the image if one is uploaded with the article.

I now need to achieve the same to a Facebook group. Nothing in Facebook is ever easy. But that’s a thread drift so I should open a new thread when I get stuck.

Will try to write a ‘how to’ when it’s done that describes what we were doing

(Eventually want to post events, newsletter postings etc)

oh I see, we have a Facebook node, check it out. If that does not fit your needs you can always make a feature request. @polc1410

Yeah I’ve seen it.
The hard bit is the Facebook end not your end! They don’t make working with their API a simple process!

I’m having an issue with the twitter integration. The Callback URL is


however, I need this to not use “localhost” and instead be configurable to the internal IP of my server. I believe this will allow me to correctly setup twitter oauth without needing a tunnel.

Is there a way to do this so I could change localhost to an internal IP like So IOW, the callback URL would then be: