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I would like to ask you if the ubuntu docker version is still being developed? I am currently seeing updated versions of debian, rpi and normal. 30 minutes ago. Ubuntu version three months ago. Ubuntu was abandoned?

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It actually turned out that the image we published as ubuntu was debian. Not sure if it was a misunderstanding in the beginning or if it changed in between. For that reason did we change the name. So the previous -ubuntu image is now the -debian image. So you can simply start using that one.

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Thank you very much for your very quick reply.

So, if I have a version around 0.58-ubuntu, can I go ahead and update my docker image to the latest 0.110-debian?

Yes, but best first check this file if there were any breaking changes that would affect you:

If not, you can simply upgrade. If yes upgrade and follow the required steps.

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Thank you very much for your help. I will read the above file and proceed with the update.

I still have a question. Currently, n8n in docker is running on root. Is it possible to work as a user or are you planning a change so that n8n works as a user?

Part of the guide lists how to run as a non-root user:

I don’t mean the user on the host.
I’m talking about the user inside the docker image.
So that the activities that take place in the docker are not based on root.

That is not correct. It runs as user node:

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You are right, everything is correct! Thank you very much!

Perfect. Have fun!

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