UI Issue - Desktop client window opens then closes

Good Evening

I am having an issue connecting to OAuth2. I enter all the information requested and press connect. The window opens, then closes and nothing else happens.

Any ideas as to how to resolve this under windows 10 ?

The issue also persists when opening documentation, forum and course. A window just opens, then closes again.

Hey @DGulson,

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What does the window look like? You mentioned it also happens on the documentation, forum and course is that when the link has been clicked from inside the desktop app?

My first thought is there could be something local that is blocking the process from opening a browser window maybe AV or if it is a work machine maybe some corporate policy.

I think a bit more info would be handy, if you can get a video / gif recording that be a massive help.

I managed to sort out the issue by reinstalling my Browser.

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