UI issues / bugs

Sometimes the execute node button goes away, have to go back to canvas and then open the node again.
I think only when doing control +a or pasting
Also the scroll bar is a bit annoying, not sure if its the way my desktop is scaled however the horizontal resize option snaps on when I hover above the scroll bar, and the cursor needs to have like a 1px accuracy to get to the actual scroll option (which is actually way to the left of the visible scroll bar)

Hey @wgicio thanks a lot for posting this bug! I have not heard reports of it before and I suspect the horizontal reposition UX problem is related to the middle panel header being omitted (it should never be hidden, so is definitely a bug).

Could you please post the following information to help us reproduce and fix?

  • n8n version
  • Operating system
  • Install method (self host, which type; or cloud)
  • Browser (incl version)

Thanks a lot! As soon as I have those, I’ll create the ticket. Cheers!

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So its v1.7.1 self hosted on Ubuntu with npm
Chrome Version 117.0.5938.92 (Official Build) (64-bit) (ubuntu)
I could replicate in Firefox.
open workflow > open code node > control +A to select all > middle header goes away.
There is a single error in the console.
404 on https://n8n.domain.com/workflow/n8n-logo-collapsed.svg

Hi @wgicio, I was able to reproduce your issue and created a ticket internally. Will keep you posted. Thanks so much for reporting that!

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Thanks so much @Niklas_Hatje !

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