UI: separate "app" from "logic" nodes

I would find it very helpful to have not only “regular” and “trigger” nodes in the UI, but “integrations”, “logic” and “trigger” nodes.

type description
apps 3rd party application integrations (clickup, salesforce, what, not, etc.)
logic “if” node, “http request”, “set”, “split” etc. (nodes that implement control flow and/or transformations)
trigger well, trigger nodes.

comments on this?

Hi @flypenguin thanks for the post! I’m happy to say that we have a refactor of the nodes panel on our immediate roadmap and should actually be breaking ground next week.

Currently the plan is to retain Trigger + Regular tabs but default to All and implement categories; with our core nodes sitting in a “Core Nodes” category. Beyond that, we’re also going to improve searchability with alias terms (i.e. searching “javascript” will show the function node).

Plan is to start with less categories and expand/ segment those based on user insights. While this isn’t exactly what you’ve described above, would our plan above help in your case?


sure it would! it’s super annoying when I have to look between all the apps (google, shnoogle, boogle, woogle, …) for a “function” thing. also it’s super hard to get a look of all the “control” nodes which exist, because they are mixed up between all the app nodes.

assuming “core nodes” do NOT contain the cloud app integration nodes :wink: