Unable to login with the right login datas


Somehow I can’t login to my heroku hosted n8n, even with the right login datas:

I’ve had this as well, but most likely my password manager was being difficult. So it is best to use the forgot my password function.

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I won’t setup SMTP, so I can’t use that…

You wouldn’t need to host your own SMTP server for this @Official_Berry, any provider (including ESPs such as Mailgun or Sendgrid) would do the job. Alternatively, you should be reset your n8n credentials using the n8n user-management:reset CLI command. It’s worth taking a backup beforehand though.

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I have a similar problem.
Before last docker update i had a useraccount admin/somepassword
now it wants Email

old admin/somepassword is not working
my email/somepassword also not working
and when I want to send pw to my email nothing is sent.
any ideas what I can do now?

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Also n8n user-management:reset did not help here :-/

ok found a solution!

connect to docker console, then

n8n user-management:reset

then restart n8n.

old login working again!