Unable to search by phone with Mautic node

Anyone having issues with this?

Hi @wgicio, I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Could you share a workflow showing what exactly you’re trying to do and confirm which error you are seeing?

Also, which versions of n8n and Mautic are you running?

It’s a very simple lookup, email search works fine. Just having issues with mobile

n8n 0.163.1
Mautic latest version

I did find unable to search by phone number in mautic · Issue #7962 · mautic/mautic · GitHub so not sure if its a problem with the mautic API or not :frowning:

Many thanks @wgicio, thanks a lot for the link! I’ve quickly tried this out on my end and the suggestion in the GitHub issue worked for me:

Could you try adjusting your expression so it searches for phone:% followed by the phone number instead of just the phone number?