Unable to specify fields when appending to Airtable

I am able to perform list, read operations - Airtable API is working fine.

I have an airtable having field - field1, fields, field3 both have field type: shortext. field3 is auto-populated with created time.

I intend to get data from webhook and populate airtable with values of field1 and field2 coming via webhook - I AM UNABLE TO FIGURE HOW TO SPECIFY field values.

Video recording of the problem: https://www.loom.com/share/e3441e4c19e94d6a82b685bd7818f37d

Apologies in case I am missing something trivial.

Hi @pkaura, welcome to the community and thanks for tweeting about n8n :wave:

When inserting values to the Airtable node (and other nodes like Google Sheets and databases), you’ll need to use the Set node. We will add examples of these in the documentation very soon :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, this workflow is a good example of how you can make this happen: https://docs.n8n.io/nodes/n8n-nodes-base.mongoDb/#example-usage. Here you can go about two ways:

  1. In the Set node if you set the Keep Only Set field to true, you can set the Add all fields to true in the Airtable node.
  2. If you do not set the Keep Only Set field to true, you’ll have to specify the field names that you want to add in the Fields field of the Airtable node.

Let us know if you face any other issues! :raised_hands:

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@tanay Thanks, Set Node works like a charm.

This is the final workflow. Assign values to fields in Set Node and then mark All fields True in the Airtable Node.


@pkaura Glad it worked out! Have fun! :slight_smile: