Unblocking the notification on Discord about the N8N level 1 certification


I’m having trouble unblocking the notification on Discord about the N8N level 1 certification. I can’t Notifying the team on Discord.

How do I validate it in order to get the level 1 certification?

Hi @Youssra_LOTFI, welcome to the community :tada:

I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble here. Could you confirm what exactly isn’t working for you? Maybe share a screenshot?

The Discord is not updated it is blocked since yesterday evening so I can not be notified to validate the certification of level 1.

Hi @Youssra_LOTFI, I quickly took a look into the respective Discord channel but there were new messages just this morning.

The messages aren’t sent to Discord directly though but run through another workflow which I believe is managed by @harshil1712. Maybe he can take a closer look into what might happen here?

Hey @Youssra_LOTFI,

There was an outage on Discord and hopefully, the Discord team fixed it. That outage might have caused it. I can see that there are new messages now in the channel. Can you try again and let us know?

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