Underlying Software Versions

Would the dev team mind sharing with us the specific versions of NodeJS, NPM, etc. you are using when developing n8n? As I am putting together my various iterations of n8n, I think I can get better consistency and fewer issues if I am working on the same versions of the underlying software as you are.

Thanks in advance.

Honestly, we never defined anything specific. So everybody is using a different one. That maybe sounds chaotic but I personally think is for a project like n8n which is run by many people with very different setups best as we would find issues much earlier than if we all would use 100% the same setup. The only hard requirement we have right now is that at least Node.js v10 or higher has to be used.

I personally use currently:

Node.js: v12.16.2
npm: 6.14.4

Thanks @jan. Frankly, I like the approach. With everyone with slightly different configurations and versions, I think you will have a much more robust product at the end.

I hope! :crossed_fingers:

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