Undocumented changes that break things

First of all, n8n is a great project and I’m a huge fan.

However, during recent months there were at least 2 not very well documented changes that broke things in the prod server.

I see the logic behind these changes, but sometimes it’s not possible to assess the impact by looking at the relese notes.

Here are just 2 examples which impacted some groups of users (so it’s not only my problem).

  • one earlier change was about making node directory read-only from the write binary file node.

  • recent change in Telegram node, which added an extra sentense to all Telegram messages by default. Completely undocumented change that impacted all Telegram nodes.

Once again, I see the reason behind these changes, I just wish they were more visible before the upgrade.

Hey @Ed_P,

Thanks for the feedback, We do need to improve our release notes as I did struggle to find those changes in the changelog.

The directory change we should have documented as a potential breaking change, I know it was done to improve security and while we did advise not writing to the n8n directory and using a different bind / volume there were still users doing it, This was a change that went into 1.2.0 amd wasn’t clear at all.

The extra sentance we didn’t expect to be a breaking change, Can you share a bit more about what actually broke there? We also didn’t put this in the notes in a clear way it was instead put as Add "Sent by n8n" attribution, This change also applied to Email Send, GMail, Teams and Slack.

Thanks for reply!

About Telegram node - it wasn’t specifically my problem. Some people in one user group complained about it. This was mainly a “business” problem. Some people create Telegram bots that administer groups or act as a point of contact for clients. After an update all existing Telegram nodes started writing this “sent by n8n” stuff in all messages sent potentially to 1000s of bot users. This is not what admins might expect after a routine update.

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Hey @Ed_P,

I have not seen any of those user complaints here and we can only work on the information we are provided but it is nice to know that it didn’t actually break anything.

It may be worth letting that community know that we monitor the community here and on Discord so having the feedback here would probably be better for them if they want us to make changes :slight_smile:

It is still a valid point though I don’t know why we didn’t version the node and apply to only new nodes that way it would have prevented something unexpected.

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@Jon we invite you to join our community on Telegram.

We discuss quite a few interesting problems there, discuss how to optimize n8n, solve quite a few cases and I’m sure many of you will be a pleasant surprise.

That’s where the first mention of you adding this to the telegram node came from.

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Hey @brewoutlay,

Sadly me joining that community wouldn’t help as we have our official community groups that we encourage people to use, Unofficial communities are always good but we won’t have the time to keep track of everything.

I did just take a quick peek through and it looks there would be a lot of translating involved to follow everything.

The main point still remains though, If you want us to notice something it is probably worth posting it in one of our official communities so we can see it :slight_smile:

Just to add… I still had the window open and did some translations, It is probably best if I don’t join that group :wink:

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