Unknown Error while workflow execution


I have made a workflow that gets trigger every 3 hours and takes approximately 15-20 min to execute completely. But since last one week it is hitting unknown error for all of its execution. I am also not to see the execution log of the workflow. How can I resolve this?

Hi @Mustafa_Ali, this could suggest your n8n instance crashes when executing the workflow, possibly because it runs out of available memory :frowning_face:

Would you be able to reduce the amount of data being processed in each execution or split up your workflow into multiple sub-workflows to see if this improves the situation?

We had similar issues and could fix it by switching our n8n installation to using a worker. This reduced our load enormously. So I would agree, this could be some kind of memory or load issue. In our case, the load didn’t look like having a problem. But the worker was our solution and even increased performance.


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