Unrelated workflows one after another


I have a flow where I do one thing, and then need to do another thing that needs to happen after the first. No problem in general, but the complication is that the second thing should start with fresh data (like read in an unrelated binary file), and ignore any data from the first thing.

Example: Update some records in a database, then read in an unrelated csv file and do something with the data from the .csv file.

I can get both flows to work in separate workflows, but I cannot find a way to run them in sequence, as each approach I have tried forces data from a previous step into the unrelated next step.

Ideally, I could do unrelated but sequential things within one workflow.

Is there a way?

Thank you!

Hi @dbi

I guess you tried the execute workflow node?
You can simply remove the data with the set node set to “keep only set”. to make sure you do not get any data from a previous workflow.
Or a code node with this line:

return [{json:{}}]
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Great, the “Code Node” solution solved it, thank you!

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