Update docker run failed

[FATAL tini (11)] exec /docker-entrypoint.sh failed: No such file or directory

Hey @aston_he,

Is that on the latest release? There was another thread and it looks like the entry point was changed to ./ rather than just /…

I delete my docker and reinstall docker , and it work.

But I get some errors like:
There was a problem executing the workflow:
"Read Binary File: The file “update-check.json” could not be found.

It runs well in the previous version,how can it fix it.
I do some test,and the write file save to like this:



In old version it write well to “/volume2/NAS/docker/n8n/1337x1.json” .

I do not change any docker setup.

Wait for your help.

this is my volume setting:

“volume_bindings” : [
“host_volume_file” : “/NAS/docker/n8n”,
“mount_point” : “/home/node/.n8n”,
“type” : “rw”
“host_volume_file” : “/NAS/docker/n8n”,
“mount_point” : “/data”,
“type” : “rw”

@aston_he Can you please try again with n8nio/n8n:0.193.2?

Just try,but I can not update the docker,I must remove the previous version,and renew.

It seems that some mistakes about the new version deploy.

We changed the docker image to not run as the root user, but we’ve reverted it in the latest release.
The mistake has been corrected.