Update file to Box

I use the box-node in n8n.
Connection works (thanks to the community for there help)
I found out that I cannot update files via the box node. When I upload a file with changed content and an existing file name, I always get an error message in the node. According to the API of Box developers, the possibility exists via PUT. You could probably also use the HTTP node with OAuth2, but I have never done that and a HowTo would be very helpful for me to see and learn. I have already created a few working header authentications with the HTTP node.
Other box-node possibilities such as thumbnails are also interesting.

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Hi @UweG, thanks so much for your feedback. So with the n8n node you could first delete the old file and then upload a new file to avoid hitting that error.

As for updating, you might want to raise this as a feature request - especially if their API offers such an operation and it’s straightforward to use this would be a great addition to n8n (just like the other additional features you are missing). When posting your feature request, make sure to pick the “Feature Request” category from the respective dropdown:

This will add a little vote button to your post which will let users vote for your suggestion and help us prioritize the implementation (and don’t forget to vote yourself for your suggestion).