Update Hubspot contact via ID

I’m receiving data via a webhook which contains a Hubspot contact ID. I then want to UPDATE 2 custom fields on the contact.

When choosing create/update I have 2 problems:

  1. I can’t update via the HubSpot ID, only email it seems
  2. Custom fields aren’t able to be added to additional fields

Have I missed something obvious here?

Hi @tonybelonie,

The email is something that has come up before and I think we should change it to Email or ID but I guess that depends on what Hubspots API is after it will need to be looked into a bit more, At the moment you would need to use the Get operation to get the Email from the ID then use that.

With the custom fields it surprised me it wasn’t there so I took a look through the code for the node and found that it is there but hidden away. Under the additional fields there is an entry for custom fields that will will load them from Hubspot.

Hi @Jon
Thanks for the reply.
In my experience in other tools it’s common to use the ID as an option too. Email is risky if you do have email duplication in the system.
I’m getting the ID sent from another system thus in my case I don’t see the need to make a request to Hubspot to get a contact where I know it exists and know the properties I will update. I ended up solving it using the regular HTTP request module and built the json payload myself.

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Hey @tonybelonie,

That is a solid solution, I did notice while I was looking at our node that we use the v1 api as well. My temporary solution would be to add a toggle and have ID / Email and change the field type that way and use that to set which API endpoint we call.

A better long time solution might be to migrate to the Hubspot v3 API.

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