Update to latest version removed all my creds and workflows

Hi I just updated from .92 to .112 and when I login I don’t see any of my workflows. Any ideas what could have happened? Update done on docker-compose.

Welcome to the community @djangelic!

That does not sound like anything n8n would do. I guess the reason is that the data is not there for n8n to be read and is so more a Docker issue. Do you mount an external directory so that the data can be persisted by n8n? How does your docker-compose file look like?

I was able to speak with a colleague of mine about it and yes, the issue seems like I did not mount it correctly to the external directory so the data was overwritten by my update. I’ve definitely learned a valuable lesson and it won’t happen again. Since it’s on an AWS instance I’ve set those to backup the whole instance now weekly to avoid this loss again.