Upload multiple images to Facebook page in a single post

Hello community!

I want to upload a series of images to Facebook and group them together in a single post. Right now I’m able to upload the pictures without any problems, but the pictures are publish in single posts each one of them.

I followed this guide from the developers documentation, but still no success on grouping all the images in a single posts.

I’m first uploading the pictures with “published → false” on the “/photos” endpoint and after that I get the ID’s and send each one to the endpoint “/feed”.

  "message": "Some post message",
  "published": true,
  "attached_media": [
    {"media_fbid": "PHOTO_ID"}

All this is successful but no images grouping at all. Each image is published in a single post.

Please share the workflow

Thank you very much.

From looking at the example payload it seems you might submit to put all photos in a single attached_media array rather than in separate requests with one image per n8n item.

Are you getting multiple image URLs in your webhook or just a single URL per webhook request?

Thanks for this solution. I tested and it worked.

I also opted to add the photos to a specific album by choosing the album id and that way pictures show up grouped in the feed.

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