UProc integration


This is Miquel from uProc.io, a data tools platform that makes your life easier with next capabilities:

  • Verify Email/mobile.
  • Geolocate companies by name.
  • Discover persons (Google Search research on LinkedIn).
  • Geolocate by IP.
  • Solve Postal addresses.
  • Search Emails on internet.
  • Generate text 2 speech audio files.
  • Generate QR/Barcode codes.
  • And more than 400 additional tools.
    You can check all tools at https://app.uproc.io/#/tools

We believe that everything goes towards automation and that’s why we have recently build a custom integration for N8N adapted for internal purposes.

We have created a sample use case to verify existing emails present in a Google Sheet:

We have created a workflow using UProc integration this way

And setting up integration Group, Tool and Parameters, we get results on node

And save email verification results in the sheet

Are you interested to make this integration publicly available for the community?


I would say: The more the merrier :wink:

Sounds really cool and like if it could be very helpful for many different use cases. So would be great if you could create a PR!

Pull request done: https://github.com/n8n-io/n8n/pull/795
Let me know if something is required to be changed.


Great, thanks a lot! Is very appreciated!

We will test, review and merge the node soon.