Use third-party JS library for function node

@jan, @RicardoE105
Could you please help me understand how I can use a third-party library, in a function node to manipulate data?
Basically, I am trying to take a string and try to convert that to a timestamp value using the SugarJS library. In this flow, the input might be something like “next Saturday at 3pm”, which the library would then convert to Sat Feb 15 2020 15:00:00.

However, on searching some past threads on this forum, I noticed that you mentioned that the function node runs in its own sandbox and cannot use external libraries. Does this limitation still hold true? If yes, could you suggest any alternative approaches I can use to make this work, please?

Sure, it is described here:

You would just have to replace “moment” with the SugarJS library.

I hope that helps!

Thats’s awesome! Will check this out once I reach home today.
Thanks, @jan!

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