User and Privilege Management

Hi Team,

Now n8n only have an optional basic credential auth method, but I think there should have a user management feature, so that users could mange their own workflows, and multi-users could share a n8n instance.

In addition, the ‘Group’ could be added to n8n – users in same groups could adjust shared workflows.

Any discussing or roadmap about this (user/group/privillege/security management)?


Yes, I totally agree! That is something very important and is on my list for a very long time now. Sadly never had time to work on it as there were always more pressing things to do because right now I am sadly the only person of the “n8n-team”. But it is very great to see that now more and more people are joining the community and started to contribute by building integration, fixing bugs and typos, creating tutorials and more. That frees up some of my time to work on other things like that.

Also, hope that I can launch the hosted version of n8n soon (for which user-management would also be very important) to generate some revenue to start working at some point full time on n8n. Right now I still have to work part-time somewhere else to earn my living as n8n currently does not just cost a lot of time it cost me money to run.

So I do my best to work on such things asap.