User Auth with Google OIDC/JWT

is there some information about how to configure the JWT section for Google/Gsuite?

I was able to find some example with Auth0 in one of the GitHub issues.

    active:               # If JWT auth should be activated for editor and REST-API - default: false
    jwtHeader:            # The request header containing a signed JWT - default: ''
    jwtHeaderValuePrefix: # The request header value prefix to strip (optional) default: ''
    jwksUri:              # The URI to fetch JWK Set for JWT authentication - default: ''
    jwtIssuer:            # JWT issuer to expect (optional) - default: ''
    jwtNamespace:         # JWT namespace to expect (optional) -  default: ''
    jwtAllowedTenantKey:  # JWT tenant key name to inspect within JWT namespace (optional) - default: ''
    jwtAllowedTenant:     # JWT tenant to allow (optional) - default: ''

Sorry have sadly no experience with it at all.