User Mgmt Logon Page: Email Case Sensative?

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When logging into user management, the email address is case sensitive which is confusing to users.

For example, sending an invite to “[email protected]” will create an account with that specific email string and attempting to login using something like “[email protected]” will result in an account not found.

I don’t believe emails are treated as case sensitive so I’m curious if this was by design? Thank you!

FYI - we’re running v0.169.0

Hi @Ian_Taggart, according to RFC 2821, the local part of an email is case sensitive (“The local-part of a mailbox MUST BE treated as case sensitive”). Now, most email providers don’t distinguish so I can see how it could be confusing, but I suppose from a technical point of view it is still correct.

Might be nice to have this matching optional though, I have converted this question into a feature request for now so you and other users can leave their vote on it.

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Thanks for the reply @MutedJam ! Interesting insight into the RFC regarding emails and SMTP relay, some really good stuff in there. I appreciate you making this a feature request - I think it’ll make the login process much more user friendly and put n8n more inline with expectations based on other web app experiences. Thank you!

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Got released with [email protected]

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