User profile creations

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Just a “little” question :

Is it possible/doable to, let’s say, when a user profile is created on GSuite (by an admin), n8n launch an automation to create profiles (same name/mail/etc that the GSuite one) on Slack+Intercom+you get the idea ? :slight_smile:

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Theoretically yes. There is currently however no Trigger-Node for GSuite. Meaning it is a little bit more complicated. You would have to regularly query all users, filter out the ones that existed already before and if some are left (which would be the actually new ones) you would create the Slack & Intercom.

An example for a workflow which does something very similar would be this RSS one:

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Ok, thats a good beginning ! ^^
Do you plan to add this famous “Trigger-Node for GSuite” ?

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Yes is planned in the future but honestly is Google in that regard more than a pain in the … (lets leave it at that). It is 10x more complicated to create a Trigger-Node for them than for any other service. For self-hosted users that would then also mean that they would have a hard time setting them up as it is for example only possible to register URLs which got added to the account. So simple and fast testing with the tunnel would not be possible. They also added some other fun things like that they automatically expire after a certain amount of time (something like 24h but do not remember exactly). So it would regularly have to be deleted and recreated.

I “expected” no less from Google, they often do as they please since they have few competitors and they’re, like, so “big” :confused:

Nonetheless, thank you for your hard work :slight_smile:

I am sure they have their good reasons for the most but still does not make our life easier :wink:

Thanks a lot! Have fun!