Using AI to more easily connect api

Hello, today I would like to share with you a tip to more easily unblock technical blocking that we can have on n8n. Maybe like me you had during the creation of an automation process many bugs, things that work poorly because you were using specific tools, there was no or little documentation on the use of the api with n8n and by a simple lack of knowledge on some notion. And maybe like me you have sent a message here on the forum to unblock your situation.
Today I would like to introduce you to OpenAi and more precisely GPT3 (that you must already know) dedicated to deconstruct a technical doc to transform it in n8n instruction.

In this example I give it the instruction to transform data from doc api into clear instruction for n8n.
The input is the doc and “instruction” is the procedure.

The instructions are not perfect. The idea would be to train the ia on several examples so that it understands in detail what it is asked.
I’m waiting for your feedback on this subject, if you have any ideas for improvement, a way to do things differently.


You are using incorrect model, change `text-davinci-002’ to ‘code-davinci-002’ and you get better results with few shots learning!

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indeed, you are right! I quickly did the model. Indeed with Code davinci and some learning data we can have very good results