Using Cloudflare Service Access Tokens

For those of us that use Cloudflare tunnels to connect to locally hosted n8n instances, it would be great to have all traffic from n8n to be able to Service Access Tokens.

Service tokens · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

Any ideas on the best way to implement or get this working in n8n for our Zero Trust Access Policies?

Hey @RedPacketSec,

It is not something I have used, It sounds like it would just be a case of adding a couple of extra headers to the traffic which should be fine with the HTTP Request node but not all of the others.

The quickest solution I can think of would be to try and handle it with a local proxy that can add the headers as the traffic is on the way out.

good idea, but that starts to get a bit messy.

Maybe you and the team can ponder about how we could maybe bolt things like these in as optional extras?

I was thinking about webhooks also for validating incoming connections

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Not a bad idea, I have converted this to a feature request. I think for something like this maybe the solution is an env option to allow custom headers to be added to all requests although that could cause more issues :thinking:

If we end up picking this up I am sure we will think of something that can work for multiple providers.

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