Using values from previous nodes - cant get data for expression

So now i will add a new parameter to the body of the node called “WorkOrderDescription” and add the value linked to “name” in the “Items Lists” Node. You can see the data is pulling in.

Now from what i can tell, the issues start to arise when there are more then one array returned which i split out using the “Items List Node”.

So when i am in my current final node " Mobaro2Mex" having set the value
{{ $(‘Item Lists’) }} for the Work Order Description

Where the input “Item Lists” now shows i have 2 items and using the schema view to link the fields

And Table View in input Looking like this


i now get an error in the node.


I am trying to run this api call as many times as needed with the values of each row and the api will reply back with all the remaining required fields that i then need to post back in on another step ( haven’t got to that part)

Now, given all the values are mapping correctly in the input views do i still need to do this item linking thing and if so do i need to do that javascript in the values of this node?