UX Improvement: Undo deleted node

If I delete a node accidentally, there is no way to get it back by doing a CTRL+Z/CMD+Z. This is particularly annoying when I have a lot of new code written in it and accidentally delete the node before saving the workflow.

Could you please implement an undo option to remedy this?

I just made the same mistake (unwanted click on the mouse while it was moving, which caused a click on a function trash). I would really like to have an undo function, at least undo delete.

Happened to me last night. Spent 30 minutes writing that function. Made the mistake of not doing an interim save. Accidentally clicked the delete icon on it and boom, all my work just disappeared irreversibly.

I hope there is more attention paid to the general developer experience of n8n. The move to the monaco code based editor is certainly a move in the right direction and I hope there is more to follow.

Yeh I’ve done this as well
control +Z would be the best !

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I think just a confirmation message to delete would be enough, don’t you think?

Yeah the UX for workflows needs a lot of improvement in general.

  • Undo, would be a good one.

  • Better workflow management window.

    • (Should just be full screen, not this little window).
    • Sort or filter workflow by Creator, Status
    • Organize workflows into folders or groups. Tags kind of help with this, but not at the same time.
  • Fix worfklow from randomly vanishing. Sometimes ill open a workflow and its completely gone. (best way to recover is to go to Executions and copy most recent one. Thank god you can copy Executions. Or I would of left this platform a long time ago.)

  • Workflow editor should just be reamped so in edit mode there some sort of tabs at the top like “Editor, Settings, Executions and Audits”

    • Editor is the design window were familar with.
    • Settings - could be the normal settings stuff vs buried in the menu bar.
    • Executions - could be a table where its already filtered to the current workflow executions and there better filtering options.
    • Audits could be change logs of each time it edit, who edited it, etc. Revision management. etc.
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Welcome to the community @jsdanie1!

Have never experienced or heard about it. Can you please create an issue on GitHub about that and provide as much information as possible that we can look into it. Thanks!

Yeah, I’ll have to wait till it happens again. Often times when opening up a workflow, the entire workflow is just a blank window. But then the odd thing is in the execution logs you can see the workflow is still running. So next time it does it I’ll try and report it.

Thanks a lot! Also just saw that you did open another issue on GitHub and you mentioned there that you are using Windows 11 with Edge. Def. a combination that only very few of our users have (and nobody at n8n) and that probably explains why it stayed undiscovered for such a long time. Just to see if that is the actual cause would be helpful to then try to open the “empty workflow” with Chrome and see if it gets displayed there.

i have this problem when i am translating browser content automatically.

+1 for this, if i had a spare vote to give.

+1 for this!

+1 - I’m with you on this … I just made a big mistake by pasting in what I thought would be a simple single json line into my function node… unfortunately it pasted in an entire contents of text from another work stream I was working on.
My alternative browser back button appeared to make me feel I was leaving ALL of my other workflow changes…

Hey all,
we just released a new version of n8n (0.207.1) which supports undo/redo in canvas :tada:
It can be performed using these keyboard shortcuts:

  • ctrl/command + z for undo
  • ctrl/command + shift + z for redo

Following canvas actions are supported:

  • Adding nodes
  • Deleting nodes
  • Adding connections
  • Deleting connections
  • Moving nodes
  • Moving connections
  • Import workflow (From file/From URL)
  • Copy/paste nodes
  • Renaming nodes
  • Duplicating nodes
  • Disabling/enabling nodes

Hopefully everybody will be able to try it out soon enough and provide feedback on the feature, just make sure to use 0.207.1 (not 0.207.0) since it contains an important fix for Windows/Linux users.


would using “y” make sense for redo?

I guess, it is another widely used shortcut for it. For now we decided to stick with these, but feel free to add a request and vote if you would like to see it configurable.