UX improvements

I sometimes find it complicated to configure nodes for which there are a lot of parameters, the parameters panel is very narrow while the result panel is very wide.

It would be nice if the result panel could be collapsed so that the parameters panel uses all the space and is displayed in 2 columns

Also the “options” parameter type needs a lifting IMO :

  • The buttons to add items are too large and misplaced, it is difficult to know where you are when there are many parameters/sub-options, especially in this limited space.
    Would it not be better to reduce them and place them in the header of the parameter (like a “+” button)
  • Would also be nice to be able to collapse them
  • Also items headers takes à lots of space (4 rows when you have an option in option parameter), but I have no idea how this one could be addressed

Here is some screenshots for better understanding