Validate Github Repository Information Immediately

Hi. I would like the “Repository Owner” and “Repository Name” to be validated. I had a typo, and it took me a very long time to figure that out.

Maybe show a message if the “repo” or “owner” does not exist?

Hey @vhanda,

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Can you share which node were you using? Was it the GitHub Trigger node or the regular GitHub node? If you executed the node, and if the owner name or the repo name is not correct, the node throws an error. Did the node didn’t throw an error?

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Hey @harshil1712

I’ve tried it out again, and now I seem to be getting an error. So I’m confused about what I did wrong the last time.

It’s my first time using n8n, and I probably messed up somewhere else.

I still think the feedback should be immediate and not when running the workflow. Ideally a simple tick mark after filling the field.