Vector stores able to REPLACE and DELETE, not just INSERT documents

My use case:

It would be great if the vector store AI subnodes could do REPLACE as well as INSERT on documents (and ideally DELETE too).

The use case is any document that changes, and where you’d like the AI model to use the most recent information. So that is, I would imagine, most use cases.

For example, I’m using the AI tools for a Q&A model on a set of ecommerce products. But when the product details change I need to remove the old embedding and insert a new one. At the moment I need to add some very clunky extra workflow content to any embedding workflow, that retrieves existing content, compares/deletes it, etc.

The key thing here would be, I think, a “Document ID” field on vector stores, that when used, makes the vector stores treat that document as unique, and so replace instead of insert.