Version history of a workflow

I had my workflow open in 2 tabs.
I made quite a few changes in one of the tabs.

5 hours later, I pressed the save button in the other tab, which was an older version.

Is there a way I can recover my work?

Thanks in advance.

Very sorry to hear. Sadly not. We do currently have no workflow versioning build-in.

There is however an open feature request that you can upvote:

That is def. one of the features we know is very important and we have planned to work on after user management is done.

Thanks so much, Jan.

In the meantime, can you timeout the older tab if the same workflow is open elsewhere, or show a notification that a workflow is open elsewhere? This isn’t a cure but could help prevent the problem to some extent.

n8n is reminding me of my days when I was a programmer. I make some progress, get stuck, take a break, repeat.

The excitement is too much!

Thanks again.

That would for sure be technically possible but would also take quite some developer resources of which we sadly do not have that many right now. So you can open a Feature Request but honestly not sure if we would ever get to it, esp. before working on workflow versioning. After all, does each thing we do, mean for something else that we can not do it. Simply to much work, to less people.

Really great to hear that you enjoy n8n. Sorry, the product is still rather young and still, a lot of things are missing or need improvement.

I have been a software engineer and completely understand the tradeoff of dedicating time for a new request, especially since a dev team’s time is a zero-sum game. I completely understand if what I am requesting a solution to is an edge case and doesn’t warrant dev efforts at this point. :slight_smile:

Out of interest had you previously hit save in the newer tab?

We run a workflow every 30 minutes to backup the workflows to git which could be something worth looking at.

This is the one I use if it helps:

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I remember hitting the save button, but I could very well be wrong.

I think the backup workflow is worth taking a look at then, if you did hit save depending on your schedule there would be a chance that you would have had a copy in git.

It doesn’t help you now but at least it is something for the future.