Versión to install?

I am testing n8n and can’t seem to get to work various connectors (ie Asana, Airtable) and others.
I understand there is an OAuth branch and I am not sure if that is required for some of these connectors to work or where to find any additional details about how to register each of the failing connectors.

Hey @luison,

Most of these should work “out of the box” without the need to have the “OAuth version” running.

The first thing to check is the version of NodeJS you are running. Version 10 or newer should work just fine.

The next thing to take a look at is whether there were any errors when installing n8n. If so, these should be resolved first.

Finally, would you be able to post some screenshots of the errors that you are getting? It could very well be that these are common errors that can be resolved with some configuration changes.

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Thanks. Using Docker version n8n: 0.67.3

In the case of Asana the issue is really a lack of docs or understanding on my side. The connector only offers me an Acceso Token but Asana provides when creating an external app a ClientID and a Secret, so not sure how to deal with that. Also with other tools like integromat I need to authenticate via Oauth before I can connect it to Asana, therefore my question.

Yes we are currently creating documentation for all of them which we will release soon. Here already the docs on how to create the Asana credentials:

1. Open your Asana dashboard.
2. Click on your user icon in the top right of the window.
3. Click on "My Profile Settings". 
4. Click on the Apps tab.
5. Click on "Manage Developer Apps".
6. Click on "New Access Token" and then generate.
7. Use this token with your Asana node credentials in n8n.
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