Virtual Coffeebreaks Workflow Contiuation

Hey all!

I am trying to implement this workflow for my team. How to host virtual coffee breaks with n8n :coffee: – n8n Blog
So far everything is working just fine.
Security wise we don’t use google calendars and cannot create a bot for MS Outlook. However, I would like to be able to continue the workflow and create Zoom meetings for each group and then post them via a Mattermost node in the Mattermost channel. Goal: Create invitations to the actual video conference program (e.g. Zoom) and send the links

Unfortunately I do not have any experience with Java. I know there is a Zoom node but I cannot figure out a way how to create multiple meetings, get the Meeding ID / Link and then post it to Mattermost.

Maybe some of you have an idea how to finish my workflow :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance

Hi @annax,

Can you share what you have so far? It would be useful to see what you have so we can see what you might be missing.

When you create a Zoom Meeting using the node it should output the ID which can then be used from an expression by dragging the ID from the input to the field in Mattermost where you want to use it. To create multiple meetings in one workflow you would need to add multiple Zoom nodes.

This is what I have so far. It is exactly what the blog bost describes up until the Google Calendar node.

Hey @annax,

I was kind of expecting an attempt of using the Zoom node, Looking at the Zoom node there isn’t an option to invite which would be ideal so you would need to go from working out the groups to creating the meetings then merging the data back up and posting it.

As an example you could try the workflow below, I disabled 2 of the nodes so that I didn’t spam our internal users but it appears to work and makes the Zoom meetings.

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