Visual feedback on the order of execution of nodes in a workflow

The idea is:

To have some kind of (optional per workflow) visual feedback on the order of execution of nodes in a workflow, particularly when there’s branching involved. Think of it as a debug tool. Some special highlight on the last node to be executed would be extra helpful.

My use case:

The main use case is sub workflows executed via the “Execute Workflow” node. You simply can’t guess what’s the last node that is going to be executed when there is some kind of branching involved, so you can’t tell by simply looking at a sub workflow what’s the value it is going to return to the main workflow. This is a source for bugs. I would definitely leave such option activated for a sub workflow where the whole operation depends on its return value.

Other workflows that rely on order of execution would also benefit heavily for said reasons.

Also any workflow that uses branching, really. Having a visual feedback on the order of execution would make it so much easier to organize workflows, making it clear for teams what would happen in cause of errors, (Node B would never be executed if A would result in an error).

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

It would make workflows that rely on order of execution less error prone, particular sub workflows executed via “Execute Workflow”.

It would make clear for everyone that sees a branched workflow where the workflow would stop first in case of errors.

Complex workflows are revisited frequently while developing, or mantaining. It’s almost impossible to remember the order you connected the nodes after some time. And even if you do, unlinking and relinking a node could break some logic, and you would only discover it when the error occurs.

Any resources to support this?

Not really.

Are you willing to work on this?

Sure :slight_smile: Probably would need some guidance, though.