Void Items not cleared when update

Hi !
Maybe it’s obvious but I don’t really understand what’s going wrong :

The problem stand in my workflow branch that update an Airtable table, with some Quickbooks data.

Here are the steps :

1- webhook from Quickbooks
2- set node
3- switch between bills, purchases etc…
4- get QB informations
5- test if it’s an update operation
6- if yes, get airtable recordID
7- Set node with data from step 4
8- Airtable node : update table

Problem : the fields who are void ou null are not updated/cleared. They keep their old value.
Is there an option to check ? I tried to test everything but i didn’t succeed.
Void and null fields seem to be dealed the same way and are not processed.
Is the right way to delete any data before updating ?

Thanks !

Hi @Tom4444, you mean the fields in your Airtable aren’t cleared when performing an update? I have tested this on my end by setting an empty string like so:

I am then using the Airtable node like so:

As a result of this update, my Airtable row’s “Notes” field is cleared:

So I am not sure I fully understand the problem - would you be able to share an easily reproducible example, ideally focusing on the node causing trouble?

Many thanks!