Wait for last respond with valid value

Hi guys, Im looking solution wait for last node respond. For my case, I want use it as chatbot. so I need to wait last node respond which is keywords I have set before. and if its valid keyword the flow will go to the next node.But if not , the flow will wait untill the the correct keyword detected.

how can i achieve this? anyone please.

Hey @rev!

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If you’re using a trigger node, you don’t have to wait for the last response. You can use the IF node or the Switch node to check for the response. Assuming that you’re using a trigger node, your workflow will trigger whenever a new response is submitted.

Hope this helps.

Why not using a “IF” node looping back to the node where you read the information if the keyword is ok or not, and then to the If node ?

i think i got some idea from this. thanks. will update here once i have success .