WAIT Node: How to get $resumeWebhookUrl?

I’ve put a WAIT node and put the options of On Webhook call.
I looked into the example of the WAIT node, but didn’t understand how to get the $resumeWebhookUrl URL?
In the Webhook node etc, it is displayed in the top of the Node, but couldn’t find on a WAIT node.

Below is screenshot of what I get while running, and hence not sure which URL to use?
(PS: I’m trying to simulate a human Intervention in between a workflow)

You can use it anywhere in the workflow where you need it in an expression and it will resolve to the URL at execution time.

{{ $resumeWebhookUrl }}

I did create a SET node and put String to display the {{ $resumeWebhookUrl }}
Got the webhook URL, and executed it separately successfully. But the WAIT node still shows as waiting… (Using the HTTP Method: GET, Response: 200, Respond: Immediately)

URL generated was in format: http://myn8n.dev/webhook-waiting/122
Strange that the WAIT node is not moving ahead even after getting Success (200) message…hmm…

Ah… found the problem

  • I had to enable Manual Execution Saving on
  • The Access the URL http://myn8bn.dev/execution/122 and press Refresh

So its actually executing, but not getting displayed in Live simulation

That is sadly expected and documented here:

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