Wait node webhook question - confused

Not able to get my head around the webhook option the wait node.

My scenario

I am using n8n to create a new google sheet in a google drive based on a template. Once that is done I want the flow to wait until a section of the sheet is competed and a particular cell is updated, then continue.

I planned on doing this by updating the cell, which will trigger an app script in the google sheets and send a webhook to the n8n wait node in the workflow. When the webhook is received the wait node allows the flow to continue.

This is where I get confused.

In the wait node the url is dynamically generated, so what webhook url do I insert into the app script in google sheets? Obviously I cannot use the webhook token as the app script is outside of n8n.

Hi @Robm :wave:

Have you tried using {{ $resumeWebhookUrl }} to fix this up? You can use it anywhere in the workflow where you need it in an expression and it will resolve to the URL at execution time. You can read more about that here: Wait | n8n Docs

You may also want to take a peek at some of the limitations, too, which are here: Wait | n8n Docs



I think I have finally figured that part out.

I have created a new post on a subsequent issue that when the {{ $resumeWebhookUrl }} is called (its an actual webhook url by this pt) I get a 404 error, the webhook does not exist and the workflow stays in wait mode.


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