Wait node when trigger by another workflow

Hi All,

I’ve stumbled across an issue that i can’t seem to find documentation about;

I Have a main workflow and to make things more simple i’ve created “sub flows”
so each complicated part got its own flow, and from the main flow i activate the sub flows.

so it goes:
main_flow → sub_flow_1
when sub_flow_1 finish
main_flow → sub_flow_2
and so on

all in all it works good, but at some of the sub flows i use “wait” node, and it seems that if i set the wait for 1 hour my main flow receive the output of the node prior the wait node and continued, this is very bad as i’m counting on the sub flow to finish.
now, what is this all about? why wait node will wait 1 minute but won’t wait 1 hour?
(i see that the flow will continue in the background but it is somehow detached from my main flow)
are there thresholds i can set somewhere?
is this by design? is there a way to wait without creating a loop of 1 minutes every time?
i need my flow to be “synchronous”

Hey @Raggingpuppies,

That is interesting and a bit unexpected but I feel like it is going to be by design at the moment and not something we thought about. I will see if I can reproduce this and get a ticket created to have it fixed.

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Let me know if you’d like help with recreating the issue, its quite simple

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