Waiting Merge mode to output whatever comes?

Sometimes I have conditional branches with arrows pointing to the same node:

This is unnatural to n8n. Especially for testing purposes for I have to execute the whole workflow to avoid errors.

The only nodes for that are Merge and Compare Dataset (not applicable here). But Merge’s Wait mode has only this:

I think, there must be a Mode like “Wait for any input and output this data”. Or there a solution already available?

Hi @artildo, if you want to output data from both branches on the Merge node you’d need to use the default “Append” mode, which would pass on all the items it receives unchanged:

Hi @MutedJam. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Append waits for both inputs. Meanwhile, on the screenshot above only one arrow will bring the data. Because it goes after IF-node.

What I suggest is to add a new Output Type to the “Choose Branch”:

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