Warning if unsafed workflow is closen / left [GOT CREATED]

I had already a couple of times the problem that I left a workflow I changed a the changes were lot. Would it be possible to have a warning when a user navigates to a place which resultes in the loss of the changes to the workflow?

That got already implemented. Please update to the latest n8n version.

You are so right - I updated my local instance on Friday and didn’t have it in usage until now.

Thank you for adding this feature! It really keeps away some headache!

Yes, can imagine so :wink: Happy that we could improve your headache-situation!

Have fun!

Nice One
but little annoying
I am not making any changes in my workflow
but when I leave the page getting a warning pop-up

What are you doing directly before the * appears next to the workflow name (because that counted then as a change and it would trigger that message)? If we know that, we can debug and fix the issue.

I just looked through the whole code and found a few issues that it marked the workflow as dirty when it should not have. Fix will be released with the next version.

Improvements got released with [email protected]

Now it was perfect :slightly_smiling_face:

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That is great to hear. Have fun!

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