Watch folder Trigger


Is there a mean to have trigger watching a local folder for new files (something based on chokidar)?

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Olivier, new to n8n

Welcome to the community @dsa-ols

As far as I know, this is not possible. However, I guess you can be monitoring the file with checkidar (in another process) and when it detects a change, make an HTTP to a workflow that has as an entry point a webhook node.

I case I did not explain myself correctly. Yes, we can create a trigger to do that. What I meant before with “it was not possible”, it’s that currently it’s not posible, cuz such a node does not exist yet.

Hi @RicardoE105,

It would be a nice feature, definitely playing on n8n distinctive advantage vs. other automation solution, i.e. being able to access local/on premises resources.

Do you think it can be inserted in the n8n roadmap reg. nodes? My knowledge in js programming is too little to contribute in a professional way on this :wink: