Watchdog: Auto Resume Workflows

If you have multiple users managing workflows, there may come a time where a user “accidentally” turns off a workflow. Or, if you have workflows that automatically turn off other workflows, that code might “accidentally” turn off the wrong one.

In either case, here’s a workflow that can attempt to “auto-start” accidentally disabled workflows:

How it works:

  • When activated, then every 4 hours, the workflow will search all other workflows that have the auto_resume:true tag present.
  • If any other workflow has auto_resume:true set but is currently turned off, then this workflow will turn it back on.
  • Of course, this watchdog won’t work if the watchdog workflow is turned off. That said, we’ve found this useful in recovering from accidental actions that cause production workflows to be turned off.

This is a great idea.

I wonder if it would be possible to do something similar in Uptime Kuma. Since I already use that to monitor all my n8n stuff I’d totally set that up

Now you just need to make something to stop me from accidentally deleting credentials in use! That’s the mistake I always make

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That’s a great idea, I’m sharing this with the team! Have you considered posting it on the Creator Hub? You can learn more about the Hub here.

Edit: as suggestion, I’d personally keep a log of workflows that were turned off. If this happens a lot, you can take action.