Way to organize workflows - Tags [GOT CREATED]

@Rugia thanks for your post - if there are any bugs we of course want to get those fixed up ASAP.

I created a short video showing how the functionality should work (incl. editing/ deleting tags afterwards). Can you look at the video and let me know if you think you’ve found a bug?

Basically, let us know if what you’re seeing in the video is different from what you’re experiencing on your instance:


Hey @maxT i’m using [email protected]

Thank you for the video, but:

  • clicking on a tag doesn’t work (video 01:45) using chrome or edge browser. It even doesn’t highlight hoovered tag (example DEV hoovered)

  • The video doesn’t show how to change tags later - after saving (00:46 - 01:16)

Thanks a lot for your quick reply @Rugia - I just tested it and can confirm the same issue (did not realize that the video was recorded on a pre-release version of n8n).

Engineering is on the issue - a fix should be out soon. Thanks a lot for alerting us to the issue!


Thanks a lot for reporting! Yes that was 100% my fault. We will release a fixed version very soon.


Fix by @Mutasem got released with [email protected]

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The tags in “open workflow” are also not clickable. Showed in 1:46

Is it possible to filter the executions with the tags?

Clicking on tags in “Open Workflow” will be enabled with the next version release.

No filtering executions by tags is sadly not possible yet.