Webflow Actions [GOT CREATED]

Hello, I see that there are integrations for Webflow triggers but no integrations for Webflow actions. I am fairly new to this and coming from Zapier. Is an integration for Webflow with actions/operations planned?

Welcome to the community @Peer

It’s not currently planned. However, you can upvote it. The more votes it has, the more chances of being developed.

In the meantime, you can use the HTTP Request, and you should be able to use any functionality the Webflow API provides.

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Hey @RicardoE105, thank you for your answer! Is there a documentation somewhere on how I can use HTTP requests, I would love to work with that then!

Yes, information about all nodes can be found in the documentation. Here the documentation for the HTTP Request node:

The page also links to other resources like for example this blog post about the HTTP Request node:

What is the use case you are interested in? Adding items?

@jan Thank you, I will take a look into that!
@RicardoE105 just adding and updating CMS items would be my usecase.

Got created. We will let you know when it is released.


Got released with [email protected]