Webflow collection items to XML Feed

I would like to convert a list of real estate objects (collection items in Webflow) to a XML feed (as how they want to receive it) to publish on another housing platform out of Webflow. Is there a way to do this in N8N?

Hi @blauwe, you can definitely generate XML data structures using n8n. Here’s a basic example of serving an XML feed through n8n:

For each request this workflow receives it will fetch data from an external source offering an API (this would be Webflow in your example), will apply some filtering and formatting logic on it’s own and finally use the Respond to Webhook node to return a response (in this case the upcoming departures from Berlin’s central train station):

Hope this helps!

Thanks! Gonna try that!

@MutedJam I now have all my Webflow items in 1 XML Feed. I now need them to be grouped and some of them renamed. How do I do that? For example I now have

Schermafbeelding 2023-01-03 om 15.28.20

But I need it to be for example:

Schermafbeelding 2023-01-03 om 15.27.48

Hi @blauwe, can you perhaps share the full JSON data you currently have in n8n and confirm how exactly it should like like after the transformation (as I am not quite sure how you want to group your data)?

You can past code on the forum using this button on the forum to prevent the forum software from applying any unwanted formatting:

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