Webhook - 404 error Log?

Is there a log for errors that do not trigger workflows? more specifically 4XX errors

I had upgraded my n8n instance and the webhooks started throwing 404 errors.
I had to edit the webhook path and then revert it back to the original for it to reset the path which resolved the 404.

But this now has me concerned as I have only paid attention to things that hit our servers and triggered a workflow - not traffic that has hit and not launched.
My whole world is webhook triggers.

{"code":404,"message":"The requested webhook \"POST webhook-custom-path\" is not registered.","hint":"The workflow must be active for a production URL to run successfully. You can activate the workflow using the toggle in the top-right of the editor. Note that unlike test URL calls, production URL calls aren't shown on the canvas (only in the executions list)"}

Hi @Dwayne_Taylor, I am very sorry to hear you’re having trouble.

n8n would not log incoming web traffic itself, so you’d have to set up access logging on your web server/reverse proxy server to review incoming requests.

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